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Friday, October 29, 2010

Call me if you find my great idea wandering around on the street

Friday Night. No Plans.

Both kids are tired and don't want to do anything but veg in front of their respective 'mind sucking' devices so I decide to be indulgent and sink into a bubble bath and do some reading and thinking.

I sink in letting my mind relax and wander.  Ahhh, clear thoughts not interrupted by ringing and beeping and requests of my time.  That dusty place in the corner called my creativity starts to come alive, spitting and sputtering, trying to fire up like the water faucet that lost its power and then sputters back to life.

Then it hits. A really cool blog post starts to form in my mind. It's good, really good. I like it. I consider jumping right back out of the bath to start to write. Then I realize my legs are starting to look like the Newf's, so I decide to do a little grooming while I'm there.

A few more ideas come in and out. Decorating ideas, book ideas, how to spend the weekend ideas. Before the prune sets in,  I dry off and put on my favorite fuzzy slippers. I go to get the electronic writing device to plant my brilliance into the interwebz and ....... it's gone.

My freakin' idea is gone. I panic. Then I try to slow my breathing and think. Was it about the kids? Hubs? Hairy Legs?  Where the hell is my freakin' idea!

Gone, just like my flat abs and my Breck Girl hair from the 80's. Gone.

So this is all you get tonight. If you see my great idea wandering around on the street, send it back my way. I'll leave the light on.