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Monday, October 11, 2010

I love October. Crisp autumn air, leaves crunching under foot, the explosion of color - yada yada yada - same ole story, same ole song and dance, right? Everyone loves fall, blah blah blah

You know what else happens in October? Hint .... pink

Yes, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This has gotten big!

I couldn't find the bag of SunChips that the girl wanted in the grocery store this week because the bag is pink this month. It's normally green. Complete confusion.

I'm thrilled by the movement October pinkness has become. I'm also a little concerned. Sometimes when things become so big they become wallpaper, not art. Let's not forget the 'reason for the season'. It's not about being able to buy pink M&M's all in one bag, although that was extremely helpful when the girl was a toddler because her birthday is October 1st. I have decorated entire parties around the availability of pink M&M's.
Check it .....

Cute huh?

Yea, but pink M&M's are to remind us to fund the research to cure breast cancer.

So let's get real about what October Breast Cancer Awareness Month means to me. My BFF, since I had big hair and drank Barcadi and McDonald's Coke, has lost her mom to breast cancer.

My BFF has now undergone testing that has determined that she has a mutated gene putting her at unusually high risk of heredity breast and ovarian cancer. Which using a phrase from my salty grandfather and in keeping with the theme here today, "Sucks hind tit." (Link available for translation) Wondering how many followers I lost with that comment.

The good news is, she has an early warning that allows her to be really proactive with treatment options. The bad news is, cancer sucks and now she gets to think it about it pretty much every day.

So this is where you come in.  Time to help out. Because you can, because you should and because I need my BFF forever.

Her support group FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) is partnered with a really cool company called Tiny Little T-shirt Company. - Go to the FORCE site and follow the link to buy some great t-shirts for you and the family.  25% of the order will go to FORCE.  I saw Christmas decorations up at Lowes, you might as well start your Christmas shopping today and help to cure cancer too.

How cute would these be on a long sleeve T or a nice hoodie - come on -

And if you don't go buy a shirt, I'll send the Newf over to slobber on your supper.