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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Medicine: Gratitude

Oh the holidays.  Here they are. Like it or not.

As much as we'd all like to live our own little Kay Jeweler commercial, the fact is, the holidays can be a really tough time for many. The shopping, the cooking, the caroling, the bourbon, the expectations.

No one told me when I was wrapping my little bundles of joy in the hospital and becoming a mom for the first time that I was now in charge of Christmas Joy for the rest of their lives. A burden even June Cleaver would surely reach for the vodka under the sink to bear.

There is good news. The best medicine for the holiday blues ....... drum roll please,    wait for it ........


Yes. Now you know why Thanksgiving comes before Christmas.

The act of gratitude has proven to be the highest mood elevator. Gratitude has more impact on your overall mood and body chemistry than any other mood, even love. Which is a good thing because most of us can be a little hard to love during the holiday season.

So take just a nano second, or a minute, or the entire day and focus your thoughts on something you are grateful for. Wedge in a little something something into the craziness of the day.

Start small.  Maybe pulling your sorry hind end out of bed today deserves a pinch of gratitude. Or maybe you've been so covered in hurt and regret you forgot to see the light in your child's eyes. Or maybe the wine is just really good this year.

Whatever you've got. Use it. Take your medicine today and savor the gratitude. It might get you through the next round called Christmas.