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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Christina Aguilera, It's okay.

Last night in the midst of a crowd of friends we listened to Christina Aguilera belt out the National Anthem. I had chills. Her voice is truly a gift from God. We all cheered and clapped and commented on how unbelievable she is.

It wasn't until later when I checked Twitter that I learned that she had botched some of the words. I was so caught up in the emotion I hadn't noticed.

It always disturbs me how cruel people can be. How ready some people are to point out the mistake. Those that revel in a screw up. Some called it disrespectful. Some said she should have practiced more. There were more. I say "ick" to it all.

When is the last time any of those folks stood in blinding lights to do anything in front of 106 Million People. In fact, how many of those critics have stood and faced their fears to reach out and discover their gifts and put them out for anyone to see?

Could we please spend more time applauding courage, cheering for those that have found their voice, literally and figuratively?  Just think how many more would venture out and just try if there weren't so many 'haters' ready to blast your mistakes on Twitter.

This was Christina's response to the Associated Press:
"I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through."

So to you Christina I say, What could be more patriotic in this country than to rise up and spend your life sharing your gifts with the world. In that moment of blinding lights, we remember that you're just a girl who has faced her fears and charged on to do what God has built you to do. My guess is He's already forgiven you and the haters will find someone else to criticize today. So bravo strong girl. I hope my little girl finds her voice and her gifts from God and faces the fear of the blinding lights head on.