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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mom ..... my stomach hurts

5:00 am

Picture me sleeping soundly.

The small girl enters the dark room.

Tap tap tap on my shoulder with her pokey little finger.

"Mom, my stomach hurts."

What parent hasn't had this wake up call? Luckily this one wasn't followed by me being awarded a puke fest on my bedroom floor.

What is interesting about this is, I wasn't dragging my sorry arse out of bed to care for my little angel. I actually got up and didn't feel tired. I haven't been tired all morning and I have had NO caffeine in 5 days!  Let's all linger on that for a moment.

I haven't had caffeine in 5 DAYS.  I'm a Gold Card carrying Starbucks member people. I have a love affair with caffeine that runs sometimes deeper than the one for my lovely husband and kids.

I was woken up with a sick kid almost 2 hours before I planned to get up and I AM NOT GROGGY or TIRED.

I don't know about you all but this is a first for me.  This Spring Cleaning ... on me, 9 day toxin cleanse is making a difference in my life in more ways than the cuteness of me in my new capris.

Vanity may rule but energy level is the bonus round for sure.