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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Full Days without my evening Facebook /Twitter time

So on Wednesday I gave up Facebook and Twitter between the hours of 6pm and 9pm. You can read all about that decision here.

Two days into the change.

Wow, my hair is shinier, my abs are flat, and I just cured cancer.

Not quite, but close.

I did watch an entire episode of American Idol cuddled on the couch with my girl; instead of her cuddling herself in beside me and my laptop. Not once did she have to say, "did you see that?" or "watch this mom." because she knew I was watching.

She's calmer. She doesn't have to check and see if I'm engaged in us.

I've settled back in rather quickly to my old life and I like it. Sure, like any addict I find myself instinctively reaching for my phone. Then I smile and realize how much I do that and know that this addict has to put down the crack.

To keep myself in check I deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. This has been a big change during the day as well. I can't believe how many times I reach for my phone during the day to check those apps. I hate to think how many minutes, maybe hours, of the day that was consuming in tiny bite size pieces of distraction.

By giving up just a little I've gained so much in my focus and attention without sacrificing the connections I've grown to love. Yesterday I quickly checked Facebook to see if my high school friends, Kris and Mike, who now live in Japan were okay. Then I saw the tsunami warning for California and had to check in on my other friend Pam who lives there.  Facebook is a good thing. As long as it's not at the mercy of what matters most. That's a choice I must make every day.