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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Entropy - The Enemy

Entropy is what makes you crazy. Entropy is why you feel exhausted. Entropy is a natural law that we wake up every day and attempt to fight.

Entropy: Lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

This is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

That's a tough one to ignore or fight. It's a law. Not a recommendation or an idea or a rule, it's a LAW. Which means when you violate this law, there are consequences.

Laundry. Every time you get it caught up someone in your house takes off their clothes and puts them in the laundry basket. It's a natural law. Entropy.

Email. Every time you reduce or clean out your inbox, 50 people respond back to you and fill it back up. Natural law. Entropy.

Lawn care. You mow the grass and trim the hedge and one week later it mocks you in weediness.
Law. Entropy. 

We spend every week trying to "get caught up".  We're fighting a natural law. Entropy.

Newsflash. You can't. You can't fight this one. It just is.

So think about that for a moment.

You are waking up every day with your head spinning and your task list full, fighting a fight you cannot win......if ...... you're idea of winning is to "get caught up."

Now we all look like idiots don't we?  I get so excited for that 10 second period of time when the laundry basket is empty, or my inbox is clean. It lasts about 10 seconds doesn't it? Then, the dirty shirt and the meeting request crush my party and I start over.

This is stupid.  "Getting caught up" can't be our measure of winning.

Think about the list of things you are gonna do when you "get caught up".

Visit your grandparents.
Write that book.
Paint that picture.
Compose that song.
Have that baby.
Find that husband.
Stop smoking.
Start running.
Be nicer.
Go back to school.
Read that novel.

Wow, that's some killer stuff waiting for you to win an unwinable game.

I have a radical idea. Tomorrow wake up and pay homage to the entropy. Stare it down but don't fall victim.With a pile of laundry, a full inbox, and a garden full of weeds, carve out a block of time for something on that list of yours that matters. You don't have to block the whole day, just a little piece of it to not fight entropy.

Wake up tomorrow and before you check for new cat pictures from your high school friend on Facebook or check how many followers you have on Twitter, do something on the "when I get caught up" list first.

Plan the summer vacation.
Schedule the marriage counselor.
Volunteer at the shelter.

Get to work on the stuff that matters.  Just a little each day.  Now that's a "winable" game!


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