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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Miss the Cafeteria Already

It happened. Tonight on the way to gymnastics. I wasn't ready. My heart still hurts a little. 

I was told last year when the girl was in 3rd grade that 4th grade is big transition year.  Some were crazy enough to say that the girl may not want me to come to lunch anymore.  I smiled thinking, I'm sure that happens to some of the moms but come girl begs me every week to come to lunch, sometimes multiple days a week.  That would NEVER happen to us. 

So tonight on the way to gymnastics on the first week of school I said, "So when do you want me to come to lunch?"  ....... crickets ........

My heart sank a little and I slowly turned to look at her while sitting at the stop light.  There she sat, looking a little sheepish. She doesn't want me to come to lunch but she's aware enough to know she's crushed her mama just a little. 

I said, "Seriously? You don't want me to come to lunch?" 
Response: Not Really. 
Me: Okay so 6 months ago you're begging me to come to lunch everyday and now I'm no longer worthy?
Her: I don't know, it's just not good this year. 
Me: Just so you know, my cool factor has gone up considerably in the last 6 months. 
Her: Just so you know, you never really had a cool factor. 


At least she has her mama's keen wit and sharp sarcasm. 

So, this is cause to revisit a post from the past.  Our relationship is changing, I can no longer snuggle her in and protect her, she's reaching for me less and less to be hand in hand. Time to be sure we're still connected at the heart. Time to extend trust, and pray like Mary at the stone. Pray that she'll rise again and want to be my little girl.  I think that happens at about age 27. It's going to be a long 17 years! 

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