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Friday, December 28, 2012

Countdown to Vulnerability

So what did you think of the Brene' Brown TED talk from yesterday's post?  Your lack of comments either meant you were stunned into silence or were afraid to be vulnerable with your thoughts.  That's okay, it's early in the process and it will get easier.

Courage is born out of vulnerability, not strength. ----- Brene' Brown

What bout with greatness started without vulnerability?

Think of the entrepreunuer that puts it out there to start a new business?

Carrie Underwood standing in front of the Idol judges for the first time, or the courage to ask her mom to drive her to the audition.

Both swallowing their pride with a ball of fear already in their gut.  This is vulnerability.

The next time someone you know puts themselves out there with a new recipe, a new haircut, a new business venture or their art in a show .......remember,  they had to walk right into their vulnerability.  Applaud their courage.

From Seth Godin's latest book..... V is for Vulnerable.