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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Genius Idea for Warm Hands in the Snow

You never know when genius will strike.  You must be ready.

This genius idea started here.

While getting ready to go out and play in the snow I spotted this plastic glove laying on the counter in the mud room.  The origin of the glove is another story about Huck the Newf pup and his love for trash and a recent visit by a diaper-wearing toddler.  I'll save you the details on that. Just know the Hubs used these gloves for a very different purpose earlier in the day

So, back to my geniusness ......... after cleaning earlier today my hands were really dry and I thought, huh, why don't I put on some hand cream and those plastic gloves under my snow gloves.  My first stroke of genius.

But then it went to a whole new level. I realized that the thing that sends my daughter screaming into the house from snow play is WET cold hands.  Just then she came in the house for fresh gloves for that exact reason!  I quickly shared my idea and we both put on these plastic gloves under our regular snow gloves and off we went to experiment.  She actually kicked it up a notch and put a hand warmer inside of hers.

Off we went for sledding and laughing and overall snow spectacularness. 

At one point I kid you not she said, "My hand is too hot!"  Then she laughed herself silly. 

We had a blast and actually went inside because we were tuckered out not because we were cold.  A first I'm sure.

Check.  This.  Out.

 My gloves after snow play.  Snow covered.  Brrrrrrr.

Inside I reveal my secret weapon.  My plastic gloves allowed me to tie my shoe a couple of times AND take pictures with my iPhone. AND I was able to get the iPhone in and out of my zipped pocket!

 Underneath it all .......drum roll please ........warm dry hands.  Mine were actually silky smooth because of my Mary Kay rich emollient cream that I slathered on first!   The girl with her hand warmer that really shouldn't be next to your skin.  Whatever.
This snow play shot taken with my warm dry plastic glove covered hand and my iPhone.

 I think I'll sell my idea to Dick's Sporting Goods and they can repackage a box of 10 plastic gloves for $24.99 next to the sleds and North Face jackets.