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Saturday, February 16, 2013

To the Strong Ones,

To the Strong Ones,

I see your strength, I see your courage and I see your passionate opinions and convictions.  You've worked hard and you've studied hard to learn and try to understand so you can continuously move forward with confidence and conviction.

Sure, you're not always right, but you're not afraid to take a stand.  You're not afraid to care and to try and to try again when it doesn't quite work out. 

I know your biggest critics and their reflections, we're a tough crowd.

I know there's usually not a big cheering section that shows up for the game because you won't be needing it ......... so they think.

Most of your days look like the ones that others envy, filled with accomplishment and progression and new questions to answers, new  things to learn. Marching confidently in rhythm and in sync.

I write to you today because I also know deep inside is this secret place called vulnerability.  This place that you only bring special people to visit.  I know the courage that gets built when people honor this special place and look around carefully and tell you that it is a beautiful place to visit and they understand that we can't stay long.

I write to you today because I also know the anguish and the dark that consume us when we bring someone that will not honor this place with their own care and concern. I know those storm clouds that swoop in and make us feel cold and alone and disappointed.  I know the need to rush quickly back to the sunlight where we tilt our head back to the sky and find our smile.  The one that everyone prefers. 

I write to you today to tell you that I know your dark place.  I know that you secretly long to have those arms wrapped around you with a soft whisper that says, "it's okay, shhhh, it's all going to be okay."  And it will, I write to you today because everyone loves an underdog and you've decided never to be one which sometimes makes you the most vulnerable of all.