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Monday, February 17, 2014

Another New Gift

I am in absolute love with this moment.

It's another snow event.  Kids home early from school in time to really relax and settle in.  Practices cancelled.

I look out and am so amazed by the beauty, it beckons me to come out and feel it.  I step out onto the deck and it envelopes me.  The quiet.  Like a warm blanket it wraps me in comfort and fills my senses with peace. Quiet, comforting, beautiful peace.   I breathe deep, taking it in, wanting to savor all of the richness and the calm and the comfort. 

This winter has been atypical for us in the Midwest with temperatures lower and snow counts greater.  "One for the record books", all over the newsfeed.  This is a message, this is an invitation, this is Him beckoning you to slow down,  breathe it in, cancel the plans, let your heart rate slow.


I've been listening to the message for more than a month, I'm finally hearing it and feeling it.  This life you're trying to live isn't really a life, it's a race.  A race you can't win.  So He will continue to invite you to the pause, over and over and over again.  Until you can feel it, drink it in, embrace the quiet.

This is a gift, every few days a fresh blanket of clean white snow to show you that you too can have a fresh start, every day.  Just breathe it in. Slow down.  Give Him some time.