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Monday, November 24, 2014

Girls, Girls, Girls

It's Monday morning.  The coffee is poured and the conference calls have begun.  Those are the same as most Monday mornings. What is dramatically different is...... I'm fresh off a girls weekend.  I real  girls weekend with a hotel for a couple of nights and suitcases full of outfits we never wore but had "just in case".

Girls are girls as long as they are "your girls".  My crew this weekend had an18 year age gap and lots of differences.  But our similarities are where it all counts. We are the same in our hearts and laughs and the protection of each other.  In the love.  In the intention of filling each other up.

And we succeeded on all counts this weekend.  So today's Monday also has giggles to myself about stories and laughs and the goodness of a few days with "the girls".

So if you don't have a set of girls that do this for you ... find them.... create them ... watch for them.  And mostly look in the mirror and ask yourself if you're ready to open your heart to people that will raise you up with honesty, out of love, and the perfect balance of knowing the right martini for the moment. 

What I saw happen this weekend was all about energy.  Everywhere we went we brought an amazing energy.  Shop keepers came around their booth with our receipts and thanked us for being the fun shoppers.  Others told us we were "perfect".  Which isn't at all true in the regular ways, but we are perfect in our energy.  We know we are responsible for the energy we bring into our spaces. It's not that we're without problems or concerns or scars or worries.  We have them all and we are each others salve for what hurts and hope for what has yet to come and in each moment there is a reason to toast.  To raise our glass in the moment full of gratitude. To celebrate those moments we can raise our energy to new heights just by being together. 

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