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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Teens and Vaping: a follow up video response

On November 13, 2017,  I posted a personal story about teen vaping.  The response has been viral with views, comments and messages. This is an important conversation that I want to continue. 

 I have been studying and preparing a book and training modules for those parenting kids with ADD/ADHD for several years.   I care deeply about the relationships we form with our teens.  

Our responses to the vaping epidemic need to be caring and intentional.  This isn't about shaming bad behavior.

 As I teach in my parenting sessions, we need to first Understand the situation, then take Responsibility, so we can move forward with Advocacy.  

There is a lot to be learned about vaping and vape products to build that understanding.  Let's respond by meeting our kids where they are and loving them forward.  

I share more of what I'm learning in this video response.  

You can read the original post here: 

Would love your comments, questions and experiences to continue this important conversation. 

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