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Monday, April 1, 2019

S2 Ep: 7 Ali Cudby: Business School, Bras and Being the New Girl

If I had a soapbox, one of the things I'd shout most is about context.  Do you know how to weave together the circumstances based on the setting.  That's context. 

Ali Cudby shares her story about bringing her Ivy League Education to the Midwest values of being one of "us".  How she stood tall in her story AND learned to speak the language of the Midwest and how to connect here. 

Ali has rich experience she shares from Hollywood, The New York Times, Wharton School of Business, Entrepreneur and an Author. 

Her bra story is worth a listen! Not everyone has a life changing bra experience about finding belonging that turns you into an author and an entrepreneur. 

Find Ali and her business Your Iconic Brand here. Check out her LinkedIn profile and her book, Fit My Bras: How to Find Your Perfect Bra and Why it Matters! Ali is passionate about helping you keep your customers.  #CustomerLoyalty

We'll have her back on this fall when her new book about Customer Loyalty launches fall 2019!

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