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Friday, May 10, 2019

Inked: A gifted artist becomes a storyteller for her clients

Brandee is a storyteller. 

She tells the stories of her clients, they wear them for a lifetime. 

Brandee Gordon founder of Native Ink Tattoo, knew from the time that she could hold a pencil that art was her thing.  By high school she knew this would be her career.  The jump from a love of art to a thriving tattoo business took: 

  • Intention
  • Strong Character and Values
  • Courage
  • Connection to her clients and their stories 


Fun Fact:

At 17 years old Brandee courageously called Tommy's Tattoo shop in a neighboring town and said, "I don't have any tattoos but I'd like you to teach me the tattoo business." After seeing her portfolio he said yes.  In 1979 this made her the first female tattoo artist.  

How often we over complicate using our gifts and talents!

Brandee was so impacted by the story of the Dunham family, she'd like to dedicate this episode to the Grayson Dunham Foundation, a heartbreaking story that we need to share. 

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PhotoCred: Lindsey Herron Photography 

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