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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Living Intentionally

Michelle Riley from Fierce and Fit has an inspiring story of taking a tragic event and using it to fuel her story.  She's the model of intentional living. In this episode she shares the impact sharing her story has had on her family, friends and clients.  As a sassy Puerto Rican, her energy is absolutely contagious!  This badass has created an amazing online fitness business that is changing lives, partly through fitness and largely through joy and connection!

Picture this as a circle loop.....

1. Stand Tall in Your Story

2. Be Open to Share Your Story

3. Use Your Story to Connect With Others

4. Use Those Connections to Re-Fuel Your Story 

"Amazon Prime does not deliver your tribe" 

Michelle Riley - Fierce and Fit Online Personal Training 

Fierce and Fit on Insta 


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