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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Stay at Home Mom to Executive Director of TCC Gives

Julie Moorehead 

Julie on Insta

TCC Gives  - a foundation for TCC employees to invest in causes for people, animals, the environment. 

A high touch, deeply engaging program to connect front line employees in the TCC retail stores selling phones and cases to changing lives in their own community.  Giving from "their why".

Personal Engagement sometimes counts more than a more money.

They're inspiring others in their community. 

More than a Phone  - 

Donate your old phone today!!!

TCC gives phones and data service to shelters in their markets. It's a beautiful program! TCC is using their unique talents to serve their communities. 

Finding work with purpose isn't always found with money as the motivator.  Julie had the opportunity that she didn't have to work to support her family, yet she NEEDED and WANTED to work and make a difference!

From Stay at Home Mom to her Masters Degree in Philanthropic Studies and Executive Director of TCC Gives.  There's no right and wrong way to find your calling.  Follow your interests, curiosity and passion. 

Julie's journey started with a dog rescue while 8 months pregnant with her second child! 

I don't know one Badass Woman that hasn't had a story of struggle and sadness that helped lead her to find her place in the world. 

Working, Going to School, Raising a Family - ALL AT ONCE!

Julie shares what she learned in these struggles that serve her well today while running an amazing non profit TCC Gives.  

  • scrappy
  • resources
  • connections
  • big purpose drives hard work and fun - work to be proud of

How Tony Robbins changed her life. 

"Why can't I?" 

When you believe in yourself, you lean in and get more out of experiences and opportunities.  It's a game changer. 


Julie mentions the 5 T's 

  1. Treasure
  2. Testimony 
  3. Time 
  4. Talents
  5. Temple 

Culture of Good - (TCC -The Cellular Connection)


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