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Friday, January 3, 2020

New Year Resolution BS with Eliza Kingsford

Eliza Kingsford is a licensed psychotherapist who helps clients struggling with food addiction, body image and emotional eating. Eliza is the author of the best-selling book Brain-Powered Weight Loss and her work has been featured on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, NBC Health, CNN Health, Health Magazine, MindBodyGreen and many more. She has been a member of scientific advisory boards in the field of obesity with the best research minds in the field, and she has trained hundreds of clinicians to work with food and body image issues. She is turning the diet industry on its head by combining the science of nutrition with the psychology of eating to create lasting results for her clients.



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I love someone with big plans, big dreams, setting all of the intentions!  Buy the planner, write the goals and the vision, yes and yes! 

And ......  what happens when we don't make progress?  What's holding us back?

Eliza Kingsford and I discuss the power of removing the blocks that keep us stuck instead of just writing or posting another resolution or habit you swear this year you'll stick to and don't. 

If a healthier you is something you desire, buy Eliza's book! 

Brain Powered Weight Loss

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